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Sample pricing structure: Final price to be determined only after consultation.

General Questions

Do you have a Price List and why should I book with you?

Yes, keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to find our price list. Please do feel to contact us for more bespoke quotes and to check out availability. We are set apart by our wealth of knowledge coupled with the understanding that every face is unique and different.  We work closely with you, to create a look that works for you.

What is your COVID-19 hygiene policy?

Corona Virus Protection Plan

We are excited to welcome our clients back ( In line with government guidelines for close contact services )

We've introduced several protection measures, as an extension of our scrupulous normal hygiene practices- to keep our much loved customers as safe as possible.

Your Customer Journey

Online Trial Consultation

Prior to your face to face trial, we will arrange a short online consultation to discuss your desired wedding hair and makeup look. We will narrow down several style options together, ensuring your trial is as efficient as possible. We will require you to complete a consultation form 24 hours ahead of your appointment, to ensure you are not displaying any flu like symptoms.

Should you wish to have a guest present at the trial, please ensure social distancing is met.

Pre-wedding Preparations and Consultation Forms

For groups of more than one client, including bridesmaids, mothers of the bride etc..we will require inspirational images of the clients desired look and an images of them directly, along with the final balance ( 6 weeks before the wedding day)

Client Consultation Forms

We require each client receiving a hair/makeup treatment to complete our consultation form 24 hours prior to the wedding day. This consultation form will required everyone's contact details, and to disclose any contra-indications that may restrict the treatment.

Washing Hands On Arrive

We will wash our hands on arrival to your trial and wedding day, and ensure we use hand sanitiser through-out your treatment.

Temperature Check

We will check your temperature before we begin the treatment.

Well-ventilated set up area

Wherever possible we will require adequate space to set up our equipment next to a window/ well ventilated space.

Observe Physical Distancing where possible

We require others who may be at the trial/ wedding day observe physical distancing when they are not having their treatment.

Appropriate PPE Will Be Worn

Masks and visors will be worn by us, through-out your treatment for your extra protection; we will use disposable applicators where possible.
it is imperative your treatment takes place in a well ventilated space, preferably near a window.

Decanted Beauty Products

Our beauty products will be decanted into smaller pots where possible,  reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

Sanitation of Brushes and Products

We will sanitise brushes and products between clients, using 70% + IPA, as we have always done.

Minimising Face to Face Interaction

To minimise the amount of touch points between each client, final touch ups will be kept to a minimum. We recommend each client brings their own Lipstick, Powder and Powder brush for touch ups. It is also recommended that those clients who are vulnerable bring their own khol eye pencils/ mascara/ lip liners where at all possible.

Appointment slots

This will mean timed slots for each client, we may also require an additional 5 mins between each client to sanitise our work stations. This should be factored into your schedule for larger wedding parties.

How long will the trial last?

Trials last anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on your personal requirements. In order to ensure a smooth running of the trial, we send you full details on how to prepare once the deposit has been made.  A good rule of thumb is to arrive with no makeup and day old hair for all hairstyles that aren't blow drys. You can check out our blog for more useful tips and tricks.

Are your artists insured?

Jo Elizabeth and any artists working under the Jo Elizabeth brand are fully insured.

Do I pay for the artists travel?

Yes, and all the details are in the terms and conditions below.

I have a destination wedding booking - what are the T&C's?

The full terms and conditions can be found below; however we love to accommodate destination weddings & are happy for either yourself or us to arrange travel, hotels and transfers.

What products does the artist use?

We currently stock IMAGE skincare and althoug we are not affiliated with any particular cosmetics brands we use a range of high end, cult brands as Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, NARS, MAC, Sukin, The Ordinary,  NYX, Bobbi Brown, Too faced and many more!

What if I’m not happy at the trial, am I committed to book?

Although we hope this will never happen, you will not be committed to book, however the Booking fee will be retained.
Booking fee's are non-refundable and covers the administration costs, and holding of your wedding date in the diary.

Can I book in a trial without paying the booking fee first?

Due to the high demand for wedding dates, this fee is to secure the date for the delivery of the services for the event, plus the administration cost required to deliver the trial and wedding services. This is  peace of mind to both yourself and the artist and it is strongly recommended you reserve your wedding date.

How long shall I allow for hair and makeup on my wedding day?

We schedule each and every wedding so you know exactly what to expect on the wedding day. Timings will vary depending on the styles required, however on average we schedule 2 hours for the Bride and up-to 1.5 hours for guests, for both hair and makeup. We endeavour to get your bridal party ready around 1 hour before you would like to leave in order to get into your dress and take any pictures.

Can I reduce the price of the package if I don’t include lashes?

The lashes are a complimentary extra offered by us so we would not be able to discount if you prefer not to have them. We do offer The basic bridal package for those looking for a simpler approach to their look.

I have a large bridal party, can you accommodate us?

Yes of course! We can accommodate as many people as you require and offer a package price for both hair and makeup together! Additional stylists are require for every six services, to ensure you day is smooth sailing!

Will my makeup be water resistant?

We use water resistant mascara and products where possible.

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and Acceptance

The following expressions are used below:

'Stylist'' means Jo Elizabeth Hair and Makeup members of the Jo Elizabeth Hair and Makeup umbrella who are providing the Services.

''Client'' means the party identified as the Client in the Contract for Services

“Contract” means the contract made between the Stylist and the Client

“Services” means the services that the Stylist will provide as detailed in the Contract.

1. Acceptance

1.1 The Client’s execution and return of the Contract for Services or commencement of the Services constitute the Client’s acceptance of Contract for Services subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Payment

2.1 . In consideration of the Stylist providing the Services set out in the Contract for Services, the Client agrees to pay the fees, costs and all other expenses as set out in this Contract for Services.
2.2 The Client shall make any payments due under the Contract within the time frame as detailed in the Contract for Services. 

2.3 Failure to pay in line with the installment dates set out in the contract may result in the booking being cancelled and prior payments being retained.  

2.4 For Services required within six (6) weeks of the Wedding Date, 50% of the Final Balance is due to secure the wedding date. The remainder of the balance is then due 48 hours following the Trial Date. The full fee is required to secure the booking where the parties agree that a trial shall not be required, or where a Trial Date is requested six (6) weeks or less prior to the Wedding Date.

3.1 Reservation Fee

3.1 The reservation fee is required to secure the services of the stylist. This is non refundable whereby the booking date falls within an eight (8) month period of the desired date.

3.2 Notwithstanding clause 3.1, the Client may terminate the services before the 8 month period and received a 50% refund on the reservation fee.

3.2 In line with 2.4, the client may terminate the services within 48 hours of the Trial Date but will not receive a refund on their reservation fee or any monies taken if the wedding/event falls closer than the eight (8) month period.

4. Trial

 4.1 Trials take place at the Client’s chosen location. Reasonable travel, parking costs and congestion charges may be charged in addition to the Trial Balance. 

4.2 Appointments for trials take place Monday - Thursday (excluding bank holidays) 9am - 6pm when the most daylight is available. Friday- Sunday trials can be agreed in exceptional circumstances and the Stylist reserves the right to refuse trial requests on these days. 

4.3 Trials undertaken on weekends or bank holidays are included in the premium service and will be charged an additional £50.00 per person.

4.4 Repeat trials are charged to the Client at the same fee as the Trial Balance. 

4.5 For a wedding makeup and hair booking, the maximum amount of time the Stylist can spend at a trial is 4.5 hours. Additional time required for trial sessions should be booked as a repeat trial and shall be charged in accordance with clause 4.4.

5. Cancellations + Postponements

(5.1) At any point the client can terminate the stylists services, this must be communicated  in writing. reservation fees and payments can be retained as stated in (

( 5.2) Cancellations received one (1) week or less before a trial or non-wedding event will incur the full fee for the service.

(5.3) Payments that have already been made to the stylist for a wedding event that is subsequently cancelled or postponed will be retained in line with clause 3.1 , 1.3. Monies will not be carried over to a new date.

(5.4) Cancellations by the stylist due to circumstances out of their control, rending the performance of their obligations problematic or unsatisfactory, and where a suitable alternative has not been found for the client,  will result in a full refund. *If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the stylist, the company will  endeavour to do everything within their control to rectify the situation however no further compensation will be given.

(5.5) Should the wedding or event be cancelled or postponed due to "acts of god", payments already made can be retained, in line with 3.2 .

(3.6) In the event of postponement ( including but not limited to; pandemics, natural disasters, government intervention or any other such hazards outside of human control) 50% of the monies may be transferred to the new event date, if the stylist can accommodate it. This does not include peak Friday-Sunday dates, April- November.

6. Adaptations to services

6.1 Should the agreed booking need to be adapted, the Client shall give as much notice to the Stylist as possible, but no less than [72 hrs], to request such adaptation. These include but are not limited to changes to the bridal party numbers, event locations and times but does not include changes to dates. Where possible, the Stylist shall adapt the booking but the Stylist may refuse to adapt if provided with too little notice or where the Stylist cannot comply due to service demands.
6.2 Notifications pursuant to clause 2.1 should be in writing (including email).  Adaptations shall be effective from the date the Client received written confirmation from the Stylist.

6.3 Adaptations to trial dates for both the Client and the Stylist must be confirmed in writing (including email) no less than one [1] week prior to the Trial Date where possible. Payments will be retained in accordance with clause 5.2 . If changes result in the number of person(s) being reduced the stylist has the right to adjust the times/ dates and any previous discounts applied.

6.4 Any adaptations to the Services shall be in accordance with clause 5 below.

7. Minimum services requirements

7.1 Services undertaken on a Friday and Saturday between April and September inclusive (“Peak Season”) have a minimum service fee of £450 (excluding trial) or the equivalent services.

7.2 Bride only bookings between April and October [ Peak season] will be charged at £300 for hair and makeup for the wedding, excluding Friday/ Saturday's.

7.3 The Client shall confirm final requirements in relation to the Services upon payment of the Final Balance. Any decrease in the Services due to Client requirements shall be subject to the minimum service requirements as detailed in clause 5.1. Any increase in the Services due to Client requirements may require additional stylists, as indicated by the Stylist. Additional stylists are required where the Services exceed six (6) services per stylist (three clients for hair and makeup). 

7.4 Additional stylists are charged at £100.00 per stylist plus Travel.

7.5 Surcharges will be added at a rate of £100.00 per stylist should the ceremony time require the Stylist to start before 6.00am.

7.6 Where there is a decrease in the Services after the Final Balance has been received by the Stylist, payment will be retained.

8. Travel Expenses

 8.1 Travel requirements for the Stylist within a 30 mile radius of [ KT6] will not incur any expenditure by the Client if it is reasonable to avoid central London. Travel expenses incurred by the Stylist within the mainland UK outside of the 30 mile radius will be charged at 0.45p per mile to the Client inclusive of the return journey. 8.1 (a)  When the stylist needs to travel through or into Central London ( zones 1-6 ) via public transport, a set fee of £25.00 is charged.

8.2 Parking and congestion charges incurred by the Stylist, shall be charged to the Client where applicable.

8.3 Any requirements for methods of transport other than a motor vehicle including but not limited to rail and air travel, shall be agreed by the Client and Stylist at the time of booking. TFL and AA route planner are used to calculate charges.

8.4 Distances calculated over 1.5 hours of travel from [KT6] will require an overnight stay for the Stylist.

8.5 For bookings outside mainland UK the following expenses are incurred:

8.8.2 Travel to and/or parking from [KT6] to the airport. 

8.8.3 Where travel to the airport exceeds a 20 mile radius from [KT6] when travelling by motor vehicle, a charge of 0.45p per mile is incurred for every mile exceeding that radius.
8.8.4 Reasonable return flights, accommodation and transfers to and from the airport at the destination, as agreed in advance between the Stylist and Client.

8.8 Where a flight is leaving before 8am or the airport is a 50 mile radius (or more) from KT6 an overnight stay will be required.

8.9 Any Services requiring overnight stays will incur a subsistence supplement of £20.00 per team member, per night.

9. Publication

9.1 The Client agrees that the Stylist may use any photography for publicity purposes including but not limited to, publication on social media pages and the Stylist website. Should the Client not feel comfortable with this, the Client should discuss with the Stylist prior to any imagery being taken.

10. Responsibility of the client & stylist

10.1 The client should inform the stylist  of any conditions that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes, but is not limited to, sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The stylist can not be held liable for any damages, losses that occur due to the client's failure to inform the artist of existing or known conditions. The stylist reserves the right to refuse or adapt services due to contagious skin conditions that may affect the business of the artist. The makeup artist reserve’s the right to refuse services in the event of abusive, offensive behaviour or physical violence.

10.2 The stylist will always endeavour to honour the terms of this agreement to the best of their ability.

Sample Pricing Structure

Prices are subject to minimum booking requirements in peak season[ April-September Fri/Sat]

Additional stylists are required on the booking when the services exceed six(6) [hair or makeup] per stylist.

Saturday: Bride + 2 for hair and makeup or the equivalent six(6) services
Friday:Bride + 1 hair and makeup or the equivalent four (4)services

* 10% discount applies to bridal hair and makeup only. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Makeup & Hair

*Bespoke quotes will be tailored to you and your bridal party needs
* Package price when both services are booked together for one person

Service Includes:

Wedding Day Trial

Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling

£150: 180 mins

Additional Guests

Hair Styling & Makeup Artistry Trial

£100.00 pp: 90mins

Wedding Day

Bride’s Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry

£320:120 mins
*Peak Saturdays
£300.00: 120 mins

Additional Guests

Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling

£110 pp : 90 mins

Flower girl styling

Hairstyles, placements of flower crowns, glitter & gloss available

£30 : 30 mins

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*Bespoke quotes will be tailored to you and your bridal party needs

Service Includes:

Wedding Day Trial

Makeup Artistry Trial
(inc. individual lash application)

£115.00 : 90 mins

Additional Guests

Makeup Artistry Trial

£65 pp : 45 mins

Wedding Day

Bride’s Makeup Artistry

£250 : 60 mins
*Peak Saturdays

Additional Guests

Makeup Artistry

£85 pp : 45 mins

Flower girl styling

Glitter & gloss available

£30 : 30 mins

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Bespoke quotes will be tailored to you and your bridal party needs

Service Includes:

Wedding Day Trial

Hair Styling Trial

£115 : 90 mins

Additional Guests

Hair Styling Trial

£65 pp : 45 mins

Wedding Day

Bride’s Hair Styling

£250 : 60 mins

Additional Guests

Hair Styling

£85.00pp : 45 mins

Flower girl styling

Hairstyles, flower crowns available

£30 : 30 mins

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Service Selection

Pre-Wedding photoshoot : Half day

Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry
(Inc. on set touch ups for the Bride & Groom to-be. On location or studio)

£220 : 4.5 hours

Pre-Wedding photoshoot : Full day

Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry
(On set touch ups - look change/ adaptation inc. if required)

£300 : 9 hours

Special occasion

Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry**

£170pp : 105 - 120 mins

Hair Styling OR Makeup Artistry***

£85pp : 45 - 60 mins

**Parties of 4 or more for hair and makeup can benefit from a discounted rate of £120pp.

***Minimal booking fee of 2 x Services for hair or makeup

Large group party &/ Corporate functions

Team of stylists on hand for your corporate function, Christmas party, etc.

Contact us directly for a personalised quote.

Commercial & Freelancing

Freelancing prices are in recommendation with BECTU industry standards.

Contact us directly for a personalised quote.

Styled Shoots

At home or abroad.

Contact us directly for a personalised quote.

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Makeup, Hair &/ Skin


Service Includes:

Makeup, Hair & Skin Masterclass
Inc. of all three beauty categories*

One to one, bespoke tuition on personal preferences and goals regarding Makeup, Hair and Skin care**

£400 : 6 hours

ONLINE Makeup, Hair OR Skin Masterclass

Individually tailored, Makeup, Hair or Skin care lesson, online **

£50.00 : 2 hours

Group Masterclass -(Corporate events, Hen parties, Birthdays, etc)

Uniquely customised group Makeup, Hair & Skin care lesson**

£390 : 4 hours***

*Either Full day or three individual sessions

**Inclusive of personalised E-learning PDF reference guide

***Minimal booking of 4 people

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