The Bridal Countdown Series : greener-beauty-cleansers

A beginners guide to clean beauty cleansers

A jounrey through face cleansers with more natural ingredients

Debunking some of the confusion to find the right products for you.

The Beauty Secrets

Part 5

By Jo Elizabeth

The Bridal Countdown Series : Greener Beauty Cleansers

Going Green? Many of us looking to natural brands for our skincare fix.

Are you going green?

Before our wedding day or big event we are looking to get our skin to it's optimum most radiant , glowing condition and it's no surprise that natural +/ organic  skincare has gained HUGE momentum and media coverage in the past 5+ year.. As across the globe as brides and skincare junkies we are collectively become more conscious of the ingredients we put into our bodies  and , of course,  the environmental costs of our modern day lives on the planet ; it’s clear to see that cleaner beauty is a trend many of us welcome for the long haul. 

However,  in the age where many social media ‘ influences ‘  can now be mistaken for beauty  professionals. The sheer number of beauty brands on the market can lead many of my clients, friends and relatives asking  if “natural “ really is best for their skincare and if they need a cleanser at all? ( Can’t we all just use coconut oil and be done with it? ) So in this post I wanted to debunk the marketing myths around this hot topic  and explain why I am a fan of the natural stuff, most of the time ;) . 

 1. The Importance Of Cleansing 

Twice a day keeps helps keep those problems at bay

Skin cleaning is an essential step in a beauty routine to  promote and maintain a healthy complexion. This action removes bacteria, dirt, pollution and makeup from the skin's surface, ensuring pores do not get clogged, causing a dull appearance . We find both oil + water in our cleansers as discussed in my previous blog Skincare Basics. 

Top Tip : If you are wearing makeup +/ SPF ensure you double cleanse to remove all traces of the products. Your first cleanser should be heavier in oil and your second can address your skin concerns. 

2. The Science Bit : Natural, Organic, Synthetic, Green Or Clean 

And everything in between! 

Natural, Organic, Green or Clean ; these beauty buzz words are leaving us all confused! 

 In recent years we have seen natural , organic,  green and clean terms used pretty much interchangeably within the beauty industry ; as lack of any real up - dated regulation ( a whopping 80 years in fact! ) has led to a whole host of confusion and many of us are worried about potential ‘ toxic’ ingredients that can be found in skincare and cosmetics. . However it is worth noting that many ‘ cleaner’ beauty brands can contain a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients and there is a good reason for this.  BOTH synthetic and natural ingredients can cause irritations and both can be unethically sourced.  If ethically sourced ingredients are high on your agenda, look into organic brands where they face more scrutiny under the independent certification bodies  such ECOcert  and  Soil Association .

Natural compounds : Plant or animal based ingredients including , oils, botanical extracts  and minerals.

Synthetic compounds : Synthetic ingredients are replicated in a lab to create an identical synthetic ingredient. Hyaluronic acid is a great example of this as it can be naturally sourced ( animal) or synthetically produced in a lab.  

Chemical compounds : Everything is a chemical – water is a chemical – therefore, chemical-free products don’t exist. This is just clever marketing at it’s best. 

Organic compounds : Ethically sourced ingredients , those approved by the Soil association and other such awarding  must adhere to strict guidelines  “..95% of all ingredients in any product must be organic. Everything is cruelty free, sustainably sourced and traceable, following green chemistry principles. “

 So , which is best?

This one all depends on what is best FOR YOU. Some of the most results driven ingredients are synthetically obtained and it’s worth noting that natural ingredients ( such as essential oils ) can be aggravating to our skin, just like synthetic ingredients.

 I’m personally a fan of both natural and synthetic ingredients as they tend to be the most results driven combinations , but I love mixing it up and loving seeing the clean beauty world evolve as we all become more aware of our eco-footprint.  

3 . Cleansing Milk + Lotions

The Organic Pharmacy, Rose + Chamomile Cleansing Milk ; £35.00

What is it?  These cleansers contain a lower oil content within a proportionally high concentration of water. 

How to use : Massage onto dry skin, pressing firmly but gently. Remove with cotton bad or muslin cloth soaked in hand-hot water, twice daily.

Ideal for: Sensitive + Dry + Combination skins types with little makeup.

4. Cleansing Creams 

Nourish Radiance Cleanser

What is it? These cleansers contain higher  proportion of oil to water than lotions and milks, making them great for make-wearers. 

How to use : Massage onto dry skin, pressing firmly but gently. Remove with cotton bad or muslin cloth soaked in hand-hot water, twice daily.

Ideal for: Formulations for all Skin types but best suits dryer skin types. 

5. Cleansing Oils + Balms

Balance Me Cleanse and smooth face balm £20.00

What is it? The cleansers are usually oil based, with very little to no water content, they can be formulated for all skin types. 

How to use: Massage onto dry skin, pressing firmly but gently. Add a touch of water to emulsify the balm and then remove with muslin cloth soaked in hand-hot water. 

Ideal for: Formulations for all skin types, even oily skins + great for makeup wearers. Some balms can contain high levels of essential oils that are not good for the eyes. 

6. Micellar Water

Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water £26.00

What is it: The smart technology of the micellar molecule attracts water one side and oil the other , great for a quick refresh cleanse .

How to use: Soak cotton pad and sweep over skin + eyes twice daily.

Ideal for : All skin types. Use for a quick refresh of the skin, or as a second cleaning product. Not ideal for deep cleansing.


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